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Шпионы среди насРоман в письмах[Dear all]I am particularly grateful to our colleagues in Imperial for the warning as per the email exchanges below. I have chosen to send this to all in CSC, not just the GHs, Facility Managers and Safety personnel because anyone could be targeted.Dear all See important message below. The BBC are looking for a story please try to ensure it is not you. Please inform all staff of this threat to security. Actions * Ensure Radioactivity is secured when the labs are left unattended (ie in locked fridges/freezers or cabinets (IRR)) * Ensure that radioactivity is not left out on benches unattended even when thawing samples for a few minutes. * Lock dedicated m"hotm" labs when unattended and ensure the key is kept in a secure place by a responsible person, this should be signed out when needed. * Where radioactivity is stored in general use labs ensure the lab is locked when left unattended especially at weekends and over night. * Do NOT allow unauthorised persons access to radiation labs, isotopes or ionising radiation sources, ie any one who is NOT a radiation user in your lab. * Check IDm"s of those purporting to be Inspectors from HSE, EA, Police, College RPA, College RPO, or other CSC/College safety officers not personnally known to you * Wear your ID * Challenge or report suspicious persons ********** Dear All I have been given information by colleagues in other areas of the country that journalists are attempting to acquire radioactive material to highlight lapses in security. Please ensure that all radioactive material in your department is accounted for and do not give or show such material to anyone without checking their ID and reasons. The only persons outside your own department that should be allowed access to radiological material are the College RPA, the College RPO, Environment Agency or HSE inspectors or the police. The text below is from recent communications on the issue from various NHS and university personnel.Brian R >Dear colleagues > >Further to yesterdaym"s email about enquiries from the BBC Kenyon Confronts >programme, we now understand that the programmem"s focus may be emergency >planning, specifically whether the regions are prepared for a dirty bomb and >whether sufficient security arrangements are in place at labs. > >You may find the information below useful in handling any enquiries. > >Regards > >Vivien > > > >You may also be interested to know that Kenyon Confronts are doing a piece >about emergency planning. They are apparently trying to show that the >regions are unprepared for a dirty bomb and have lax security arrangements. > >I have been told by colleagues at our local NHS Trust that they have already >tried to buy radioactive material in the North East and are trying to >source this material from somewhere else. > >I have already had a call asking if I could give them access to Iridium 192, >a radioactive substance. They said they wanted to film it in the labs but >Im"m now assuming that they were trying to find lapses in our security. > > >Jon/Lorna > >You might need to now about this one – an undercover BBC programme about >emergency planning. Might involve trying to get hold of toxic/radioactive >materials from labs etc to show up any failings in security. Could >obviously have a Uni angle as well if they try it here. > >Regards >Chris

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