Vybrannye mesta – 16

Типичный пример английской бюрократииИз переписки с компьютерным отделом:[a11],You DO have an IC/CSC e-mail account set up. Just the way we find about it (without explicitly checking, as Im"ve just done) is for a bit of paper to make its way back to us – this can often take weeks !Im"ve just checked it and it is working – be warned that there are 4 pages of broadcasts to wade through and delete. At least the Web interface lets you do this without downlo1g or re1g them.OK ?Any problems, let me know.Regards,John> Dear John> > I started working at the CSC (and filled the "email" form) on > 30th of September, but still my account is not created. Is it > okay, or it it means that the IC people have lost the > application (which Im"m sure they can)? Not having a CSC > account is a bit problematic, as I canm"t> hear about the news sent through the CSC mailing list.> Can I ask you please to check the situation with my account.> > Many thanks!> > [a11]

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