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Написал две рецензии в IMDB на случайно выбранные фильмы.Hidden: A pseudo-thriller about postmodern conscienceA guilt for things that we have done without understanding the consequences: This "neo-oedipus" complex is very relevant in the information age when we know progressively more, but understand progressively less. "Hidden" is a story of a successful TV journalist George and his family who are terrorised with video tapes suggesting somebody put them under a total surveillance. In trying to understand who might have been nursing a grievance against him, George goes back to something from his early childhood that he would much rather forget. George feels guilty. But is guilt such an adequate response to his misdeeds – or is it more of a problem in itself?Undoubtedly a very timely film and shot with no less courage, honesty and wit than Hanekem"s famous "The piano teacher", "Hidden" is perhaps a little bit too cerebral: every little detail in it has an explanation (which Haneke himself does not hesitate to provide in a "special feature" interview on the DVD release). And even when there is no explanation, this is only because a lack of it is also a clue. Such a rational approach to film-making makes the film rather vulnerable: it becomes too easy for the audience to break it into pieces – something that the magic of cinema can rarely survive. Perhaps the best person to make a film like this would be late Krzysztof Kieslowski ("Decalogue", "Three Colours"): proposing riddles to which he didnm"t know the answer himself was his genre.Russian Dolls: A smart but less memorable sequel to "Lm"auberge espagnole""Lm"auberge espagnole", although not flawless and very low-key, is arguably one of the best films about nostalgia ever made. In its sequel "Les poupees russes", the main character of both films, Xavier (Duris), has coped well with his post-Erasmus nostalgia. However, what seemed, at the end of "Lm"auberge", to be both a cure and a new beginning has turned out to be much less of the latter. Xavier is nearly thirty and his life still badly needs focus.The film follows Xavier from Paris to London to Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, examining relationships with his ex-Erasmus friends (many of whom look like they got a hold on life better than himself), his ex-girlfriend Martine (Tautou) and various new lovers. The sceneries are exciting and the characters are crafted perhaps with even more care and sincerity than in "Lm"auberge" (the Duris-Tautou "still friends" duo is a delight) – but the romantic allure of "Lm"auberge" served well to smoothen the rough edges and dilute the filmm"s hard-boiled message – writer-director Cedric Klapisch is definitely a man of ideas more than anything else. "Les poupees" is no less cerebral, but with the grown-up life being what it is, therem"s much less in the film to get carried away with – meaning that at times it becomes more of a philosophical drama than a romantic comedy. And for that purpose, perhaps the philosophical message that the film tries to convey – that letting go of dreams is a sad, but necessary part of growing up – is simply not profound enough.Утром перечитал. Нашел между рецензиями сходства. Задумался.Update: А в комментах еще образовался прогон про postmodern condition по мотивам Cache.

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