И ещё комментарии иностранных читателей об "Августе Четырнадцатого&quot

"I remember when my son was little. He would bring me August 1914 and ask me to read it to him. There were no pictures in this book, but he knew that it was a book that I loved. So we would lie on his bed and as I opened the book and read to him about a world he could only discover in a book. Solzhenitsyn is one of my heroes, a moral voice speaking against the tyranny of Soviet repression. This book about the battle of Tennenberg in August 1914 is not only a brilliant historical novel, but also a critique of the forces that lead to the October Revolution in Russia. Letm"s talk about the story, before we continue the review.(…)It is a wonderfully written book. One can hear the hoof beats of the charging cavalry, see the sabers glistening in the sun, sense the terror of the soldiers huddle in their trenches as thousands of shells fall around them and smell the cordite as it drifts across the fields.(…)It is a great book; I have read it at least a half dozen times over the years."А вот и бдительные читатели:"When I first read this work, I am not sure I knew quite what to expect since it is a departure from Solzhenitsynm"s usual subject matter, the crimes of the Soviet state. One would be prepared to forgive those old gray men in the Kremlin much if they had successfully banned this particular book and prevented it from ever being published."Действительно: публика ожидала дальнейших разоблачений империи зла" – а автор вместо того восхваляет страшную и зловещую Russian Empire. Публитка была разочарована.

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