Iz rezervuara – 8

Family photoThis is Peterm"s 40th birthday. He looks younger than his age, and he is younger. Hem"s had a life: a wife, pretty and sort of witty, a job exciting like a flashmob, kids sweet as mead. But he dropped. He gave up. He started over. Not that it was something he did not like, but he took everything from it and just wanted a hike. Now hem"s attached to his bike more than a fawn to its growing spike. But hem"s not lost the links with his big family. They are different, they didnm"t give up, but they are still his tribe. Maybe one day they will, or at least bless him in their wills. So hem"s going to play their game. Itm"s like when you go hunting, you play a game with the game. This restaurant is not a chic, but itm"s okay. When he was younger, he even met there some funny chick. So hem"ll put on a suit, and no matter that it doesnm"t suit. They wonm"t understand. Maybe Lolly will. Shem"s clever, but shem"s a disgusting bitch. Shem"s full of envy, so who cares – for her hem"s not gonna die in the last ditch. Her David used to be a nice bloke, but he broke down very soon after she didnm"t allow him to go alone even round the block. He did have an affair that time: she was not beautiful, but she was alive. Lolly forced him to say to her goodbye. And now Lolly and David are a functional family. Peter also used to be functional, but now hem"s just living – his life or not, but hem"s enjoying it (the word he almost forgot).(у истории есть печальное продолжение, но уже не в рифму)

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