Vybrannye mesta – 32

Star letterDear Cosmo,I was out at a bar with my friends when I spotted a group of blokes peering into our low-cut tops. One of them was quite gorgeous: a tall well-groomed dark-haired guy in fab clothes, he looked stronger and smarter than his friends. I had just split up with a boyfriend of three years and was really longing for a fling, so I plucked up my courage, approached him and chatted him up. Everything was going really smoothly until I felt I desperately needed to the loo: before going to the bar, we went for meals with the girls, and I got quite full. I lied to Martin I was going to make a call outside and rushed to the toilet. But to my horror, there was no toilet paper there! I fumbled about my pockets for some tissues, but in vain: I had a cold, so I blew my nose all the time and used them all up. Luckily, I always have an issue of new compact-size Cosmo in my clutch bag. It was so pity to waste it, but what else could I do? Soon I was back with Martin. We had a great night together, and we realized it was more than just a one-night stand. We started to go out, and it’s been a year since we’re together. He’s even offered me to move in with him, and I think I will do. I am happier now than ever before and I am terrified to think what could have happened if you were not at hand!Julie Petthill, Hull.PS I bought the same issue the next morning and keep it in a safe place since then. I think you’re my talisman!

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